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Electrical Power Engineering Department

Aims and Objectives

The department of electrical power opens regular AGTI courses and short-term training courses. In EP department there are with seven teachers for teaching and learning. A sub field of electrical power engineering that deals with the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power and electrical apparatus connected to such systems. The EP course is highly directed towards developing fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for career opportunities in the engineering industries. Short-term training courses are being provided to provide employment opportunities for local people.

Aims to have a systematic understanding of subjects related to electrical power engineering and to be proficient in theoretical and practical work in accordance with the standards. Our training is aimed at developed local technicians and skilled workers.

Daw Khine Thazin MyoLecturer and Head
Daw Mi Su Nge Nge MonLecturer
U Thein Than SoeAssistant Lecturer
Daw Zin Nwe LinAssistant Lecturer
Daw Zar Zar PhwayTutor
Daw Thazin PhuTutor
Daw Aye Mya WInTechnician-4