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Civil Engineering Courses

Civil Engineering

                   The civil engineering Course is constructed with structure, building materials, estimating, basic of transportation, civil engineering drawing, civil engineering survey, timber, steel, reinforced concrete and practical workshop. Each Student will have to know basic knowledge of civil engineering  construction materials, civil engineering drawing, method and practical work shop in A.G.T.I  Year I .They will get civil engineering drawing, building construction methods, structure of building members, mechanics of fluid, roads & bridges, basic chain and level surveying in Year II. Moreover, they have practical workshop and have to do a project. In Year III, the students could be learnt in estimating and analysis of rates, fundamentals of timber, steel and concrete structure, basic knowledge of reinforced concrete, railway & irrigations, water supply& sanitation, advanced civil engineering drawing, advanced levelling, theodolite and basic of total station survey, workshop project and also they must to go Industrial Training (three months) to get the A.G.T.I Diploma.

Course Duration

Three Years

  • A.G.T.I Year I
  • A.G.T.I Year II
  • A.G.T.I Year III

A.G.T.I  Year I 

  1. Myanmar (Ma11011)
  2. English (E-11011)
  3. Mathematics (M-11011)
  4. Engineering Science (ES-11011)
  5. Engineering Mechanics (ME-11015)
  6. Civil Engineering Drawing (CE-11011)
  7. Building Materials and Construction (CE-11012)
  8. Workshop Practices (CE-11019)

A.G.T.I  Year II

  1. English  (E-21011)
  2. Mathematics (M-21011)
  3. Structure ( CE- 21013 )
  4. Building Materials and Construction (CE-21012)
  5. Elementary Surveying (CE- 21011 )
  6. Road & Bridge (CE- 21017 ~22027)
  7. Fluid Mechanics (CE- 21016 )
  8. Civil Engineering Drawing (CE-21012)
  9. Workshop Practices (CE-21019)

A.G.T.I  Year III

  1. English   (E-31011)
  2. Fundamentals of Timber, Steel and Concrete Structure ( CE – 31014 )
  3. Building Service (CE-31018)
  4. Elementary Surveying (CE – 31021 )
  5. Irrigation & Railway (CE- 30026 ~31017)
  6. Estimating and Specification (CE – 31022 )
  7. Reinforced Concrete (CE-31024)
  8. Civil Engineering Drawing (CE-31012)
  9. Workshop Practices (CE-21019)

Class Timings           

35 hours /week, 30 weeks/ year

Assessment Methods 

Practical, Job Examinations, Semester Examinations, Projects and Industrial Trainings.

Grading System

  • 81-100  Grade “A”
  • 61-80   Grade “B”
  • 41-60   Grade “C”
  • 21-40   Grade “D”
  • 0-20     Grade “E” 

Admission Requirement details

Must be passed Matriculation Exam with Physics and Chemistry Subjects, and the total high marks of  English and Mathematics.