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Mechanical Engineering Courses

The course is highly directed towards developing fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for career opportunities in the engineering industries. At the end of Year III, the student is placed for a 3-month industrial training. This period provides experience of the practice in an industrial environment.  

Course Duration

Three Years

  • A.G.T.I  Year I ( 1 year)
  • A.G.T.I  Year II ( 1 year)
  • A.G.T.I  Year III ( 1 year)  

Course Structure 

Mechanical engineering courses for three years (6 semesters) are described as follows:

Year I (2 Semesters)

  1. Myanmar (M-11011) (M-12011)
  2. English (E-11011) (E-12011)
  3. Mathematics (Ma-11011) (Ma-12011)
  4. Engineering Science (ES-11011) (ES-12011)
  5. Engineering Mechanics (ME-11015) (ME-12015)
  6. Basic Technical Drawing (ME-11011) (ME-12011)
  7. Workshop Technology (ME-11012) (ME-12012)
  8. Principles of Electrical Technology (EP-11013) (EP-12013)

Year II (2 Semesters)

  1. English (E-21011/E-22011)
  2. Mathematics (Ma-21021/Ma-22021)
  3. Engineering Drawing (ME-21021/ME-22021)
  4. Strength of Materials (ME-21014/ME-22014)
  5. Thermodynamics (ME-21013/ME-22013)
  6. Internal Combustion Engines (ME-21023/ME-22023)
  7. Theory of Machines (ME-21015/ME-22015)
  8. Production Technology (ME-21022/ME-22022)

Year III (2 Semesters)

  1. English (E-31011/E-32011)
  2. Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (ME-31017/ME-32017)
  3. Automotive Technology (ME-31035/ME-32035)
  4. Internal Combustion Engine (ME-31033/ME-32033)
  5. Fluid Mechanics (ME-31016/ME-32016)
  6. Control Technology (ME-31026/ME-32026)
  7. Design of Machine Elements (ME-31031/ME-32031)
  8. Estimating & Shop Management (ME-31018/ME-32018)

Class Timings

35 hours /week, 30 weeks/ year

Assessment Methods Practical and Job Assessment, Semester Examinations, Projects and Industrial Trainings.

Grading System

  • 81-100 Grade “A”
  • 61-80 Grade “B”
  • 41-60 Grade “C”
  • 21-40 Grade “D”
  • 0-20 Grade “E”

Admission Requirement details

Must be passed Matriculation Exam with Physics and Chemistry Subjects, and the total high marks of English and Mathematics.

Career Prospective after Graduate

After getting A.G.T.I Diploma, the students can join automotive industries, marine industries, manufacturing industries, heavy industries and welding industries.