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Electronic Engineering Courses

The department of electronic engineering was established at the Government Technical Institute (Insein) in 2017. The department opens regular AGTI courses. In electronic department, there are seven faculties for teaching and learning. There are 34 students for first intake and 41 students for second intake. The department has well equipped laboratories, qualified and experienced staff to enrich the students with technical efficiency.  The department prepares students for careers in this constantly evolving discipline.

Total duration of the subject ( 90 -Week) (3150- hour)

Programme duration details

A.G.T.I (Year I)

MyanmarM-11011,1201130 hrs
EnglishE-11011,1201190 hrs
Engineering MathematicsEM-11011,1201190 hrs
Engineering ScienceES-11011-12011120 hrs
Engineering MechanicsME-11015,1201590 hrs
Basic Technical DrawingME-110111,12011180 hrs
Circuit AnalysisEcE-11011,12011120 hrs
Digital ElectronicsEcE-11022,12022150 hrs
Electronics LaboratoryEcE-11016,1201690 hrs
Electrical LaboratoryEcE-11026,1202690 hrs

A.G.T.I (Year II)

EnglishEcE-21011,2201190 hrs
Engineering MathematicsEM-21021,2202190 hrs
Analog ElectronicsEcE-21021,22021180 hrs
Electronic Communication SystemsEcE-21012,22012180 hrs
Computer & ProgrammingEcE-21014,22014150 hrs
Electrical MachinesEP-21043,22043120 hrs
Electronics LaboratoryEcE-21016,22016120 hrs
Electrical LaboratoryEcE-21026,22026120hrs

A.G.T.I (Year III)

EnglishE-31011,3201190 hrs
Applied ElectronicsEcE-31031,32031180 hrs
Electronic Communication SystemsEcE-31012,32012120 hrs
Industrial Electronics and ControlEcE-31051,32051150 hrs
Data Communication and NetworkingEcE-31022,3202290 hrs
Microprocessor TechnologyEcE-31013,3201390 hrs
Electronics LaboratoryEcE-31016,32016120 hrs
Communication LaboratoryEcE-31036,3203690 hrs
Control LaboratoryEcE-31046,32046120 hrs